Be Your Best

Costume Contest Rules:

1: Only one entry per person for this event.
Categories – Certificate to Winners $500.00 to Best In Show
• (Beginners = 1st year competing at a con
• Journey = 2nd to 4 years competing
• Master is open to no pro and pro builders)

Childrens' classes:
• 0-12 years and Certificates to all entrants $50.00 prize to winner
• 13 to 17 year old Certificates to all entrants $50.00 prize to winner

2: Judge’s decisions are final. No exceptions!

3: By Registering, all costumes contest participants agree to let the core use of their image for promotional poses on social media etc. Each entrant shall indemnify, defend, and hold the core harmless from any third-party claims arising from or relating to that entrant’s participation in the contest. In no event shall the core or any volunteers on line be liable to an entrant for acts or omissions arising

4: No nudity, obscene gore, sexuality or cultural insensitivity will be allowed at this event. This is a family friendly event and follows the movie rating of PG.

5: Costumes that are eligible for Best in Show must be handmade by the person in the picture. Best in show is only open to 18 +.

6: All contestants must send in clear pictures of Front, Back, Both sides and if going for best in show at least 3 working pictures of building the costume.

7: No videos allowed. We are just looking for pictures of costumes.

8: No signs with costumes. (Enti mask, Etc)

9: Judging will take place prior to July 17th, but will be announced the day of the event.

10: Money will be forwarded in the form of cheque from The Township of Springwater.

Be safe while taking your photo. You’re taking the photo in your own space, but we want you to be safe and whole when we meet in person again next year.

    501 & Rebel Family