Have some FUN - for a chance to WIN

GRAND Prize of $500

“Best in Show” Costume Contest

If you are 18 years old, creative in body, soul and mind, come on out this July 20th, 2019 and you could win our GRAND PRIZE of $500.00 for our “Best in Show” Costume Contest at this year’s 3rd Annual Elmvale Sci-Fi Fantasty Street Party, hosted by the Elmvale BIA!

We will also have prizes 1st -5th for kids 10 and under, kids 11 – 17, Adult Beginners, Adult Journeyman, and Adult Masters! Get your cos-play on at the Elmvale Sci-Fi Fantasty Street Party!

Kids & Adults

Beginners = 1st year competing
Journey = 2nd year competing
Master is open to no pro and pro builders

Kids: Two Classes:

  • Age 10 and under
  • Ages 11 to 17 years
  • Ribbons 1st – 5th per

Adults: Three Levels:

  • Beginner adult
  • Journeymen adult
  • Master
  • Ribbons 1 st to 5th

501 & Rebel Family