Elmvale Sci-Fi Fantasy Street Party

Vendors 2022

A.A. Jankiewicz - FEATURE: Maaja Wentz

A.A. Jankiewicz (known to most as Agnes) hails from the city of Pickering, Ontario. Her debut novel ‘Q-16 and the Eye to All Worlds’ was published as part of her thesis project at Durham College as part of the Contemporary Media Production Program. Prior to that, she graduated from York University with a BFA in Film Theory, Historiography and Criticism. When she’s not busy plotting the next great adventure, writing, doodling, tinkering in the Adobe suite programs or mellowing out with her friends, she enjoys walks with her four-legged companion Meesha. She is currently working on the next installment in the Q-16 series.

A.A. Jankiewicz

Art or Die Creations - FEATURE: Rangers of Govannas

My name is Andrew Gurgacz, I am a mixed media artist from Barrie ON.

I specialize in Anime, Sci Fi, and Pop Culture, Utilizing a wide variety of styles and tools from hand drawn characters to elaborately designed stencils using pencils, alcohol ink markers, acrylic paint and even aerosols.  I embrace the creative side of life and want to share a brighter more colourful future. We sell paintings/drawings/clothing/stickers

Andrew Gurgacz

Barefoot Book Community Bookseller

I am a book lover, Harry Potter fan, librarian and local Elmvale resident. Children's books, puppets, puzzles and games.

Jodie Delgado

Clair McIntyre - Writer - FEATURE: Birds of Prey

I am a paranormal fantasy writer and creator of two series, The Halsin Chronicles and The Royal House of Galadin.

My books tend to be set in dark worlds, however I honestly believe that even at the darkest point in one's lives, there's always hope. I also really like characters who are not afraid to have faults and nothing drives me crazy when I'm reading a novel than 'holier than thou' character who learns nothing in the end.
What I hope to provide readers is a world that you can escape into and enjoy a fast paced environment that leaves you wanting to know what's going to happen next.

Clair McIntyre

Crochet Dreamz

I specialize in crochet plushies ( amigurmi ). Pokemon , yodas , dinos , unicorns , superheros, aliens and more.

I've been crocheting for 10 years and sell handmade plushies.

Cheryl Cormier

David M. Kelly

David M. Kelly writes fast-paced, near-future sci-fi thrillers with engaging characters, cynical humor, and (usually!) plausible science. He is the author of the Joe Ballen series, Logan’s World series, and the Hyperia Jones series. Originally from Yorkshire, England, David emigrated to Canada in 2005 and settled in Northern ON where he was able to transition from the world of IT into life as a full-time writer. David is a rabid science news follower and especially passionate about astronomy and physics. Never short of an opinion, he writes about science and technology on his blog.

David M. Kelly


I've been making art since I was a little girl and have always had an interest in fantasy and science fiction specifically rick and morty and star wars. I would love the opportunity to connect with like minded people. We sell a variety of hand made items.


Endless Loop Crochet - FEATURE: Fresh Radio 93.1

I'm a stay at home mom to my son, I have been Crocheting Amigurumi for several years now. It allows me to get a little extra money. I do all kinds of things from cartoon characters, to mythical Creatures, video game sprites, and animals in general. I also have 3d printed items as well.

Crochet dolls/toys. 3d printed toy

Robin Bishop

Galaxy Teas

I have been doing conventions for over 30 years. At my first convention I met my partner. 10 years ago I started Galaxy teas and I know sell at furry conventions renfairs as well as Steampunk events.

Robert Williams

Geno Tiller

A kid at heart. I have been helping friends sell off their collections of action figures and memorabilia. I enjoy the social aspect of toy shows and events.

Toys and collectibles - (figures Star Wars, Star Trek, Batman etc) Funko, sports memorabilia, die cast banks & more.

Geno Tiller

James Downe

James has always been a storyteller. Raised on Lego, Nintendo, fantasy books, and tabletop RPG’s, he has been creating worlds for as long as he can remember. He writes sword & sorcery with compelling characters, a bit of tragedy, sarcastic humour, and a great deal of action.

Currently, James is a graphic designer living in Toronto, Ontario. The Legacy of Rukara is his debut series.

James Downe

Jason Shannon

Jason Shannon is the author of fpur science fictions novels, "The Zimmer Insurgency", "The Hounds of Harujin", "The Moon Panther", and "Rain's Agenda". A fifth novel, "The Ballad of Tumelun Tombs", is coming soon.

Jason Shannon


Author, former Trooper with the RCAC Queen’s York Rangers, and lifelong fan of science fiction, K.Pimpinella also studied english and space sciences at university. Working as a paramedic for 20yrs, and past volunteer work with Global Medics in Cambodia, has given her invaluable experience to draw from as she writes her action/adventure, soft-military, sci-fi time travel series- The Time Rangers. She lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband and two dogs.


Kapow Comics - FEATURE: Shane Cloutier

I am at comic book Creator from Orillia Ontario. I've been writing an illustrating Comics since I started doodling in class when I was 9 years old shortly after reading a book called Captain underpants.

Brant Mawdsley

Kim's Creations

I'm a small hobby home business. I love to craft and make anything from jewellery, to sewing, and vinyl crafts. Let me know how i can help you!


Krave Creations

I am a mother of 2 and a full time educational assistant. In my spare time I love all things nerd and geek and love creating one of a kind items around this. We sell epoxy tumblers, 3d printed items, keychains, sublimation.

Amanda Barnett

Nindroid Craft

I'm Kebo, owner of Nindroid Crafts. I enjoy making original works and fanart. My product is always handmade by me, or drawn by me and sent to a manufacturer. I love seeing people happy because of my art, and hope that this event will let me see more of that! This will be my second time vending.

Paintings, Prints, Trinket Earrings, Beaded/Kandi Jewelry, Keychains, Washi Tape, Stickers, Buttons, Scrunchies, Bows, Bookmarks, Notebooks, Memo Pads, Mini Tote Bags, and Plushies.

Caresten Crane, aka Kebo

Penney's Steampunk General Store

We specialize in steampunk jewelry (necklaces, earrings, lapel pins, cufflinks) and Hawaiian-style shirts.

We sell: Steampunk jewelry, Hawaiian-style shirts & more.

Lloyd & Yvonne Penney

Perspective Books

Perspective is a fantasy fiction series by Barrie, Ontario authors Amanda Giasson and Julie B. Campbell. These co-authors had no idea of the story that would blossom from the notes they started passing in a particularly boring history lecture they shared in university. Skipping ahead to today, the series is well underway with the first four novels - Love at First Plight, Second Wind, Third Time's a Charmer, and So On and So Fourth - and a novella, Thayn Varda: An Early Journal.

The Perspective series books are set on Qarradune, a fantastical world where genuine beauty and true horror thrive alongside each other. The hard part is knowing the difference between them. Megan Wynters and Irys Godeleva find themselves knotted into Qarradune's fabric of danger, thrills, romance, and lies.  Experience its unravelling through each character's point of view, as their choices make the difference between living a fairy tale and facing a death sentence.

Amanda Giasson & Julie B. Campbell

Richard H. Stephens

Richard began writing circa 1974; a bored child looking for something to do. A trip to a local bookstore saw the proprietor introduce him to Terry Brooks and Stephen R. Donaldson and his writing life was forever changed.
Richard worked in a warehouse for 22 years, before going back to school. Graduating with honours, he joined the local Police Service.
In 2017, Richard resigned from the Police Service to pursue writing full-time. With the support of his family, he has finally realized his boyhood dream and has currently published 13 novels with many more on the way.

Richard H. Stephens

Spellbound Leather

I craft leather goods. Armour belts wallets bags and more.

Ryan Cormier

Tomona's Magic Emporium

A travelling shop for all your wizarding needs! Hand made wizarding wares such as wands and potions and hand made magical creatures such as fluffy mooks, mandrakes, monster books, bowtruckles and more!

Laura Tomona


The Book Re-View

The Book Re-View is a used bookstore that has been a part of Orillia for 30 years. 2020 became the year of change not just on a global scale but also for our little store. From COVID-19 lockdown to the retirement of the original owner. And then many updates within the store to modernize. 

Mary Oakley

TS Ward

TS Ward is a sci-fi & fantasy author from Midland, Ontario with two published works.

TS Ward

Wool Wire Wind

Artistic Gramma with interests in Needle Felting, Rare Gems, Wind Chimes and Henna Tattoo Artist.

Henna Tattoos, Wind Chimes, Fire Agate Gems, wool dryer balls, Koalas, Penguins.

Brenda Smallwood

Writers Community of York Region

The Writers' Community of York Region connects writers of all levels from all genres, offering professional development through support, education & networking.

We welcome you to join our community of enthusiastic and talented individuals. Here you can discover more about our latest events, speakers, workshops and networking opportunities.

Roderick D. Turner

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