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A.A. Jankiewicz

Agnieszka Ann Jankiewicz (A.A. Jankiewicz, but known to most as Agnes) was born in the midst of one of the biggest blizzards of the year on February 12th, 1988. Even in her earliest years, she loved telling stories in any medium she could get her hands on. As a young girl, she was heavily influenced by her father’s love of medieval history, Greek mythology and science fiction. Spending many summers in Poland visiting her grandmother, she was further enamoured with legends of castles, dragons and the Polish countryside filled with vast forests and limestone mountains.

Her childhood was spent in Scarborough, and it was there that the first iterations of Q-16 and the Eye to All Worlds can be traced, as stories she began telling friends. It was a time filled with pipe cleaner knights and clay soldiers, a preferred method of playing for Agnes, who was constantly at work creating and imagining.

In high school, Agnes became interested in filmmaking, digital graphics and theatre, but never lost sight of what all of those forms were meant to do, tell a story. She graduated from York University in 2011 with an honours major in Film Theory, Historiography and Criticism. It was there that she made an award-winning short film, Silent, but more importantly, began penning what would become the final version of Q-16 and the Eye to All Worlds, her first novel. Work on it continued as she enrolled at Durham College for the Contemporary Media Production program, which she graduated from in the spring of 2015, with the multimedia launch of her novel serving as her thesis project. Her second novel, Q-16 and the Lord of the Unfinished Tower was launched at Ad Astra 2017 while her third Q-16 and the Fury of Korangar launched at Ad Astra in 2019.

Currently, she works as a Creative Director for North American Concrete in addition to running her own graphic/web design business with her fiancé called Rampant Wolf Media and is working on the fourth novel in the Q-16 series.

Myth Mart

Myth Mart is an online store dedicated to Independent creators.

Mathemagician's Duel

Mathemagician's Duel is a fun wizard-dueling card game in which players use numbers and operators to create "incanquations" to get to the target numbers of their spells to unleash their spell on their opponent, reducing their Magical Strength before their opponent does the same to them!
Finally, a game that will get people practicing mental math skills without it feeling like an "educational" game or a chore!


We are a small board game and card game design company in Mississauga, who have just published their first game!
The B and the S are Bill and Scott, one a graphic designer, the other a teacher, and both long time board gamers.
We are creating games to promote thinking and strategy, and practicing mental skills in a fun and engaging way.

CarrHunger Creative

Meeting at a Dr Who convention in Toronto in 1987, Christina and Martin have, combined, over 62 years experience in the entertainment industry. Accumulating such titles as Camera, Editing, Tape Operator, Director, Actor, Writer, Costumes, Props, AD, Fight Coordinator, etc and so on... their experiences are broad and diverse BUT they still, to this day, love bringing the joy or building props and the popular process of Cosplay to conventions and events. X-Men, Cody Banks, Total Recall 2070, Scooby Do, Stargate, Star Trek, FX The Series, EFC, Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, are only a few of the productions on their list of experiences. Stage, Live Performances, Characters at Festivals, add to their range of talents and they are looking forward to being with us to share a small piece of their skills and stories of their experiences.
Now they have taken a step into online sales with a new online store. COVID cancellations motivated them to try this platform to sublime the their income. You can find them on social media under the ID of CarrHunger and the store can be found at

David M. Kelly

David M. Kelly writes fast-paced, near-future sci-fi thrillers with engaging characters, cynical humor, and (mostly!) plausible science. He is the author of the Joe Ballen series (Mathematics of Eternity, Perimeter, and Transformation Protocol), the Logan's World series, and the Hyperia Jones series.

Barefoot Books Community Bookseller

I am a local librarian, bookseller and Harry Potter fanatic!

Jason Shannon

Jason Shannon was born in Belleville, Ontario. He attended Sir Sandford Fleming College in Lindsay in 2006 and works in the construction industry. He is the author of The Zimmer Insurgency (2013), The Hounds of Harujin (2017), The Moon Panther (2019), Rain’s Agenda (2019) and The Ballad of Tumelun Tombs (forthcoming). He lives in Oshawa, Ontario, with his rescue cats Aybars and Tumelun.

Qarradune Books (Perspective Series)

The Perspective book series is exciting, heart-stopping, and fascinating fantasy fiction filled with adventure, powerful and unique characters, and merciless villains. Written by Amanda Giasson and Julie B. Campbell from Barrie, Ontario, this series shares one story from two very unique perspectives.

Follow Megan (from Canada) and Irys (from the world of Qarradune) as they run and claw their way through the labyrinths of military rule and enslavement in Kavylak and the strict societal confines of upper-class Syliza, while attempting to survive…for the sake of themselves and each other.

Seth Giolle

I'm a Canadian Author with 22 novels, 34 novellas, and 12 story collections available online, Printed On Demand. I'm currently working on the final two novels for my Trial of Millosai fantasy novel series, developing a board game to go along with the same 23-novel series, and working on an audio compilation of songs written for and used throughout those many novels. Though I make it a point to dabble in all genres, my two main loves are Fantasy and Science Fiction! I was born to a small rural farm in southeast Ontario. After traveling across Canada many times in all its splendour, I once again make Ontario my home.

Clair McIntyre

I am a paranormal fiction writer of two separate series, The Halsin Chronicles and The Royal House of Galadin, which encompass eight published novels.

My first series is called the Halsin Chronicles and focuses on four siblings who have to come to terms with immortal legacies as the fight against the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

The second series, the Royal House of Galadin is about my Vampyr Royals who have to face some of the darkest moments of their past in order to defeat their greatest foes. 

501 & Rebel Family